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Optomap Imaging 

Getting an optomap image is fast, painless and comfortable. Under normal circumstances, dilation drops might not be necessary, but your eye care practitioner will decide if your pupils need to be dilated depending on your conditions.  The capture takes less than a second.  Images are available immediately for review.  You can see your own retina.  You see exactly what your eye care practitioner sees - even in a 3D animation. 

The optomap ultra-widefield retinal image is a unique technology that captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image while traditional imaging methods typically only show 15% of your retina at one time.

Topcon CV-5000S Refraction System

Many eyecare professionals continue to rely on their trusty, manual phoropters despite having access to newer and more advanced refraction devices. Traditional technology has its place, but in today’s information age, it is important to be able to share data digitally. In my experience, given the technological advances of recent years, now is a more appropriate time than ever for eyecare specialists to consider enhancing their practice with a computerized refraction system.

H. Jay Wisnicki, MD

Topcon KR-800 Auto Kerato-Refractometer

The new Topcon KR-800 Auto Kerato/Refractometer, which incorporates the very latest in design technology and ergonomics. The KR-800 features a bright, new 8.5 inch color touchscreen panel to control the main functions and an improved joystick operation compare to previous models. Topcon systems have been renowned for their accuracy due to the proven Rotary Prism Technology. The new KR-800 features this technology as well, so you can take confidence that accurate and stable keratometric and refractive measurements will be the norm.


The OptikamPad iPad App is a complete dispensing solution that helps Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) assist patients at all stages of the eyewear dispensing process

OptikamPad was built to keep ECPs in control. The EY-Stick device was designed with the intent of mirroring the manual measurement process. It takes into account that there is a flow and rhythm to dispensing that needs to be respected, without interfering with an ECPs dispensing style.

The EY-Stick's ability to “record” the patient's posture allows ECPs to use their professional judgment when locking the natural posture in a manner similar to the dotting process, properly taking into account the customer's lifestyle. This also allows the ECP to quickly double-check the posture after it has been locked in.

This flexibility and control facilitate the transition from manual to electronic measurements.

This revolutionary tool gets you a step closer to offering your patients a unique shopping experience.

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