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Dry eye is a problem that can be caused by many factors and it can disrupt your life. If you think you might have dry eye, it may be important to get an eye exam from our eye doctor. Our optometrist can look at your eyes and tell you whether you have this condition and what may be causing it. After he had diagnosed your condition, he can prescribe ways to fix it. There are a lot of treatments that can really help and we can take you through them. We serve the Folsom, CA, Cameron Park, CA, Placerville, CA, and El Dorado Hills, CA, areas. Contact us and we'd be happy to make you an appointment. When you need help with your eyes, we at El Dorado Hills Vision Center Optometry are here for you.  

dry eye faqs

What Causes Dry Eye?

There are many potential causes of dry eye. It's caused by things like having diabetes or other serious health conditions and it might also come from the meds you take. If you are in the wind a lot and don't wear sunglasses, your eyes can dry out. Some people get it in the winter when the air is dry. Other people might have dry eye because they like having a fan blow right at them while they work. 

How Can I Help My Dry Eye Syndrome?

To ease your eye pain and soreness, you can get a humidifier in your home or workplace if it is allowed. This puts more water into the air so your eyes won't dry out so fast, which can help a lot when your air is too dry. You can also use eye drops to help you keep your eyes moist and our eye doctor may recommend one for you. If your dry eyes are caused by a more complex or difficult cause, our eye doctor can show you the next steps. 

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome?

If your eyes get crusty when you sleep and feel dry all day, you may have dry eye syndrome. Your eyes might also water or turn red. Sometimes, people feel like they have something in their eyes all the time when they have the condition. You might have strings of sticky mucus coming from your eyes. Strained eyes might also be a sign of dry eye syndrome. 

Get an Eye Exam from Our Eye Doctor on Our Optometry Team 

To get your eye exam and any eye care treatment you need, call us. We help patients in the Placerville, CA, Folsom, CA, Cameron Park, CA, and El Dorado Hills, CA, areas. We at El Dorado Hills Vision Center Optometry are here to help you feel better. Call us at (916) 292-5666 for more information from our optometrist.

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